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Meet your Yummy Bakery baker, Kathy Daniels:
I learned to bake at my mother’s knee, and I was right there in the kitchen with her at age 3 when she completed a cake-decorating course and made her first wedding cake for her oldest child. That first wedding cake was just the start, and she became a legend among family and friends. Her can-do spirit and talent has inspired me for more than 40 years of baking and experimenting, and I know Mom is cheering me from heaven as I open my own bakery! What a dream come true this is! 
You may already have tasted my Yummy treats! While I work by day as a physical therapist, I have a wonderful group of southwestern Illinois (and St. Louis) fans who have kept me baking with special requests for personal, community and corporate celebrations. With the support of this community and my family, I decided to take the plunge and rent a commercial kitchen. I look forward to transitioning to full-time baking as we grow.
I am looking forward to getting to know you. What do you enjoy in a sweet treat? We have so many flavors, fillings and frostings to explore together!
What’s baking at Yummy Bakery:
Over the years, with the help of my mom’s classic recipes and some of my own inventions and innovations, I have become known for my cupcakes and layer cakes. You’ll always find the yummiest assortment of cakes at Yummy! However, you’ll also find fabulous cream puffs, brownies, cookies and seasonal surprises. Have a family cookie or cake recipe you would like me to make for a special event? I adore rediscovering old favorites and working with new flavors. 
Why Yummy Bakery should be YOUR bakery:
Yummy Bakery is here to help you make wonderful memories that touch all your senses. Special celebrations deserve scrumptious treats that delight your eyes, nose and of course your mouth. (Ears too! You’ll enjoy all the “oooohs” from your family and friends.) I bake with the freshest ingredients, scrupulous attention to detail, and a lot of love, and you can actually taste the difference! In fact, your personal taste profile goes right into the mixing bowl, and while I pride myself on consistency, each treat is a bespoke creation, made to order.

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